Slowing Down the Unwanted SPAM with this reCaptcha Api Tutorial

An example image after using reCaptcha API TutorialOne of the most annoying items to deal with is SPAM submission from your website. Our founder explains in this reCaptcha API Tutorial how easy it is to use and implement the Google reCaptcha API in your website or code to help battle those pesky robots.

At Idea Pro we like to save as much time as possible to put that time to our customers sites. We do not look forward to spending time deleting email from SPAM bots.

WordPress reCaptcha Plugin

If your website uses a pre-built theme or a pre-built plugin for forms, this tutorial is not for you. The information in this Tutorial is created for someone that is developing a custom site or theme. Your form plugin or theme probably has a captcha version available but may be at an additional cost.

If you need assistance, please contact us and we will be glad to see if we can help.